A Busy & Fun Start to the Summer by Keshawn McDaniels

Hello, My name is Keshawn Tyrik McDaniel. I recently graduated from North Carolina A&T State University with a degree in Agriculture Education, May 2013. I am now a graduate student studying Agribusiness and Food Industry Management, May 2015. I am working as a loan officer intern in the Salisbury-Concord NC offices. I am very blessed to have this internship. I recently turned down my previous internship In April with USDA in Kansas because I wanted an internship that was focused more around business related fields, being more hands on and flexible. Time began to pass as I waited to hear back from different internships and nothing came my way. Finally at the end of May I received a call from my advisor and he told me he had a position that would fit my needs perfectly, (and there was a sigh of relief). I interviewed and here I am today. So far I have liked every bit of Carolina Farm Credit.

This past weekend, I went to Washington D.C to celebrate a friend’s birthday. We competed in the 5k ROC Race.

runThe Roc Race is based off the TV show wipe out, which is a huge obstacle course full of ropes, water gadgets, and things to climb. It was the best 5k race I ever competed in. My weekend was full of laughter and excitement. I did not get much rest after coming back from Washington D.C because of my friend’s cat that made my asthma flare up to cause me to get a little sick. I literally came home went to sleep to wake back up to repack my bags to head to Columbia S.C. for the new hire/intern training for Agfirst. I wasn’t sure if I was more excited to use the company’s card to eat very well, “as every one of my coworkers told me to do” or to meet all the other interns.


After the mishap with the hotel accommodations the (4 Carolina Farm Credit Interns) and the (4 AgCarolina Interns) met up and went to dinner at the Blue Marlins to get more acquainted and went out on the town. The next morning was the first full day for training. At the Training we played a game to get acquainted with the other interns from across the states for networking purposes. We began to learn more about AgFirst and the different entities and how we could possibly grow in the company to make it much more successful. We learned about the history, patronage refunds, the loan making process, 5Cs of Credit, Credit Reports, and Tax Return Analysis. The two day session/training was very much helpful and was well needed so that we all could learn more about the business that “puts our profits in your pockets.”

One More Wolf Pack Fan at Carolina Farm Credit by Kyle Williamson

Hello my name is Kyle Williamson. I am a rising senior at North Carolina State University with a major in Agriculture Business Management. I am a die hard Wolf Pack fan and try to attend every home football game that I can, (especially when we play the team down the road who wears the baby blues). I live in Asheboro, North Carolina and I have grown up living on a cattle and poultry farm. We have all different breeds of cattle and our chicken integrator is Mountaire Farms.


When I am not working I enjoy going hunting, fishing at the lake, and working out. I have been working for Carolina Farm Credit as an Appraiser Intern, at the Carthage branch for a month now. My first day at work I was a little nervous but was soon greeted by an extremely nice working environment. The employees were very nice and made me feel right at home, minutes after I walked in. During my second week at work I got to attend employee appreciation day and meet most of the employees that work in the other branches. Every employee I met all had one thing in common, they were very friendly and all had positive attitudes. This showed me that Carolina Farm Credit wanted you to feel like a family and not just another employee.

 Over the past 4-5 weeks I have visited a few farms and have learned how to break down the farm in the appraisal process. I have also been learning how to navigate and use MLS sheets as well the GIS system for each county. Growing up on a farm I found it interesting how an appraiser goes about the appraisal process and views a farm a little different than how I looked at it as a farmer.                         

 I am very excited to see what the rest of my internship has to hold and for anyone reading this blog, if you happen to see me over the summer don’t forget to yell out GO PACK!! (unless you are wearing a light blue shirt).

My Summer at Carolina Farm Credit by Alex Stott

My name is Alex Stott, and I am currently an Intern this summer with Carolina Farm Credit. Growing up, I was raised in a small rural community in Polk County, NC. I was exposed to agriculture my entire life but didn’t necessarily grow up on a huge family farm. As I became older, I began to realize how important agriculture really was to the world as a whole and became involved in high school with our FFA program. Working on the school farm helped me to gather more knowledge and experience than I had ever imagined I could. It was that opportunity at the age of 14 that made want to start my own poultry operation raising chickens and selling local free range eggs.

Alex Stott

Pictured above is a photo of me with one of my turkeys that I raised in high school to show at the NC State Fair.

Once I graduated high school and chose to attend North Carolina State University, my younger brother decided to continue on with the egg business I started. I am currently a student at NC State majoring in Agriculture Business Management and minoring in Economics, which led me to Carolina Farm Credit.

During the short time I have been with CFC so far, I have enjoyed the opportunity to experience so much thanks to my mentors Mitchel Pridmore (Loan Officer-Hendersonville) and Kamron Kerr (Loan Officer-Spindale). I’ve toured local apple farms and visited with apple farmers from Hendersonville, NC who are customers with CFC. I have also experienced a loan closing with a dairy farmer and sitting in on meetings with my mentors and potential customers. Representing Carolina Farm Credit at farmers markets and tailgate markets to support our local farmers and community has also been a success.

CFC is extremely special to our small rural communities. The family atmosphere that Carolina Farm Credit offers not only its customers but to its employees is one of the best working environments I have ever experienced. It’s amazing to see all of the close relationships I have already formed and watch them grow day after day. After graduating from NC State, I hope to be able to continue my career with Carolina Farm Credit and see what the future holds for my life.

My Internship at Carolina Farm Credit by Trey Waugh

Trey Waugh

I am Trey Waugh and I am an intern at Carolina Farm Credit. I have been working out of Wilkesboro and Yadkinville the past two weeks. I am really enjoying my time here. I wanted this internship really bad and when they told me I had it, I couldn’t hide my excitement. My plan with obtaining the internship is to learn everything I possibly can while making a good impression on my co-workers. I am hoping that working hard and showing what I can do will leave a great impression on the employees here at CFC so that I might get a job here after I graduate.

I am a senior at Appalachian State this fall and studying finance as my major. I also will be getting a minor in health care management. I have enjoyed the mountains, but I am ready to come back home and be with my family. Our family is extremely close and so is the community where I live. I was raised in a small town near Statesville and Taylorsville called Stony Point. I lived on the farm until my sister was 8 and I was 5. We then moved to a development 3 miles away, but we still have the farm and have expanded to two other pastures. We have a total of 25 heifers right now, and are growing this year. We plan to keep about 10 of the calves and sell the others. In total, we have about 55 cows. I went to West Iredell High School and was involved in every sport I could play. I think it is known that I pull for the Tar Heels, so come basketball time I am ready for all the State fans. Which I think is almost all of CFC.  

I have learned a lot in my first two weeks. Dean White (Wilkesboro) and Ryan Bledsoe (Yadkinville) have really taken me under their wings to mentor me. Dean made a demo revenue sheet where I could go into ACE and create my own balance sheet and do the “adjusted” and “after closing” sheets. Ryan walked me through the credit delivery program and let me input the information while walking me through it. I really have a good hold on how it works because of the hands on application. The hardest part about being a new employee is learning everyone’s names. I think I have been introduced to a hundred people in the first week. At our Employee Appreciation Day last week I learned that this isn’t the normal company. Mr. Dalton (CEO) was right when he said this is a family. That is why I would love to work here someday, because I don’t think I can find that anywhere else.