A Hot and Humid Summer by Kyle Williamson

Time is flying by this summer and I have stayed busy working on projects and getting outside visiting farms for appraisals. The other interns and I are working on two projects this summer that has us interacting with farmers. And I have been on a few trips to farms with Senior Appraiser Jamie Phillips and Principal Appraiser Philip McAuley.


Two farms that I visited stuck out in my mind because they were very large crop operations. The first farm I visited was in Stanley County. It was a very large wheat farm operation that looked in great shape. The other farm was down in Anson County, where they grow corn as far as the eye can see. I always enjoy visiting crop farms and seeing how they are operated, which made these two trips very interesting. While riding to the farm in Anson County I noticed a lot of corn operations that were on very level ground. They reminded me of farms you would see out west where you could look for miles and miles. It was good to see that these farms have been kept up especially with the hot weather and lack of rain this summer.


I am very excited to continue to see what this summer has to offer during my internship. I will start to attend many farmers markets over the next few weeks and am ready to meet new farmers in the area and show them how great Carolina Farm Credit is!


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