My time at Carolina Farm Credit by Trey Waugh

It is almost the end of my time here at Carolina Farm Credit for the summer and I have been doing a lot in the last few weeks. It has been hectic trying to get things completed before the intern’s final presentation.

We met with several different offices in the few last week and learned a little more about our company. We met with the Home Loan Department on Tuesday and then the Crop Insurance Department the next day. Also on Wednesday, we met a tobacco farmer and visited his farm. He was turning some crops in on insurance because of the dry weather. He explained a lot to us about tobacco farming and I really enjoyed what he had to teach us.

This is my last blog and I have had a great time at Carolina Farm Credit. I have gained so much experience working here and I have to credit that to all the people taking us in like we were family. I would do it all over again if I could and I just want to thank everybody for helping me.

Trey Waugh

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