Staying Very Busy at Carolina Farm Credit by Trey Waugh

Since the last blog I wrote we have been very busy. I have been working on our projects along with doing other things. One of the biggest things I did in the Wilkesboro office this week was complete a loan package. This was a loan that Dean White made up for me to try and see if I could do it from start to finish. That was including ACE and projecting future income and making adjustments to the balance sheet. I also looked at tax returns and that help me do some projections. Dean gave me a lot of tips that can be hidden to new loan officers and that people usually learn with experience. The hardest part of the loan package is the summary sheet. It needs to be detailed enough to give the person reviewing it an explanation of what you are thinking and you must describe why or why not we should do the loan or not do it.

The interns and I went down to Columbia for our Ag First training and let me just say that it was awesome. I really enjoy the fact of networking with other people and seeing how interns from different places are doing their work. We met up with interns from Ag Carolina and talked to them about their projects as well as ours. The training was great; we had a lot of good take away points. We went over critical thinking problems and were asked what we would do in that situation and I think that is one of the best ways to learn.

This week we went to a large local greenhouse that is one of our members and WOW what an operation. I couldn’t even fathom the amount of work in that place, it was huge. I see that there are similarities in their company and ours. They treat their employees the same way we do. They have a family mindset and treat their employee’s. They even have a research place which is pictured behind us in the picture above. All those plants were in testing. It was a neat experience to see and I would like to go back again.

Greenhouse Group Photo

My projects are going great and I am eager to start going to the farmer’s markets next week to experience the community and talk with local farmers. If I don’t get any potential YBS farmers to sign on with us, I hope to at least leave the market with farmers having a lasting impression that Carolina Farm Credit really does value the farmer and they will always remember that.

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