The End is Near by Kyle Williamson

It feels like just yesterday I was walking into the Carthage office for the first time to see what my summer had in store for me. Now it is the final week here at Carolina Farm Credit. Looking back over these past couple months, I have learned a lot and met some incredible people this summer.

The past few weeks the interns and I have been finishing up on our projects and have been learning about all the different departments there are at Carolina Farm Credit. I have gone on many farm tours including trips to a tobacco farm, a poultry farm, and a forest track. Each one had something unique about it and was very interesting to go see.

Tobacco Farm Poultry Farm             

Over the past week we have been finishing up with our presentation that we will present this coming Friday August 8th. It’s hard to believe after that we will have completed our internship for this summer. I would like to thank each and every Farm Credit member and wish them the best in their future. I would also like to thank Mr. Chris Goss, Jamie Phillips, and the rest of the appraisal staff as well as the Carthage branch for making me feel welcomed this summer. This is the last blog for the summer from the interns and we all wish you good luck in the future.

Greenhouse Group Photo

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