Where did the time go?  by Keshawn McDaniels

The pace of my internship has picked up even more from the last time I was wrote my blog. We have had more training, more farm visits, more farmers market visits, more discussions, more rain for the crops and less time to complete our projects. During the last few weeks I have learned so much about the loan process that I never knew before. The longer I stay with Carolina Farm Credit the better I value my money and what I do with my money, so that I can keep my credit score as high as possible.

As I have visited many farmers market, a lot of the farmers seem as if they don’t need to take out any loans right now. It is my job to represent Carolina Farm Credit in a positive manner to let the farmers know that they can come speak to a representative in the future when they may need a loan and need to learn the proper steps to get a loan with CFC.  Once you visit many of the markets you will see plenty of the same faces at different markets, so it is my job to let them know that CFC cares for them and supports their business.  Visiting many of the local farmers markets and talking to different people definitely brings me out of my comfort zone and shyness.

Farmers Market

I have valued speaking and listening to the representatives and farmers within the offices and branches of CFC on their life situations. Many of whom overcame life obstacles to get them where they are now to be successful and they speak of how to help others be on their way to success.

Tobacco Field

I recently visited a tobacco farm for the first time. I remember listening to the stories my family told as a little boy about picking tobacco and how hot it was. I felt their pain, but not really because I wasn’t picking tobacco. Oh boy was it hot. I have really enjoyed getting out of the office the last few weeks and representing CFC.

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